Over 12,000 Reviewers Rave About This Water Flosser and It’s on Sale

Flossing is all the rage these days. No, not the dance, though that’s a close rival. We mean the good, old-fashioned kind we do to keep our teeth healthy. But this is the 21st century! We’re not old-fashioned anymore! We’re over wasteful, mint-coated strings that cut into our gums and are totally disgusting after just a few passes down the sides of our teeth. We like a product that does the work for us and doesn’t create a mess, and we found one. It has almost 13,000 reviews on Amazon and shoppers are obsessed. Welcome to the future.

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The Waterpik ADA Accepted WP-662 Aquarius Water FlosserOpens a New Window. is honestly life-changing. Hate the idea of flossing? Prepare to love it. Yes, we said “love” and we meant it. We feel like total floss bosses and we want the world to know. If you notice Us flashing a bright smile more often lately, this is the reason.

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Linda J