These Wellness Tips Will Help You Start Your Day Off on the Right Foot

Good mornings are all about positivity, but they're also about incorporating that positivity into your weekday routine. The way you begin your morning protocol can really have an impact on your entire day. That's why setting a daily intention can be so powerful; taking a few minutes first thing in the morning to think about what you want to do throughout the day can help you feel more motivated, give you a boost of energy, and ultimately help you accomplish your goals. And since 2019 is all about waking up to wellness, we've rounded up some recommended wellness intentions to start each morning with positivity and motivation.

Meditate For 10 Minutes

In the past few years, meditation has become an oft-discussed topic and has officially surpassed trend status. This natural extension of wellness helps us seek moments of clarity and quiet in an otherwise hectic day. Being constantly connected via social media is fun, but it can also be taxing on our nervous system. To decompress before your work day, take a few minutes to use a mediation app or try some of the guided meditations offered through Headspace on the WW app. A simple 10-minute guided meditation can shift your mindset and lead to less stress over time. If you find it difficult to clear your mind, start with a 5-minute meditation and go from there. Like any other exercise, you'll get better at it with practice.

Make a List of 3 Things You’re Grateful For

Sure, you could come up with five or 10 things you're grateful for every day, but mornings are hurried and sticking to a quick three things that you write down in a journal will help ensure you do this daily. Practicing gratitude in this way will help rewire your brain to be more grateful, which leads to feeling happier overall. Your brain is a powerful tool and no one knows how far you've come in your wellness journey better than you. Take the time to write down a few wins in the morning — or even create a vision board if you have time — to shift your mindset to one of more positivity overall.

Limit Your Phone Time

My rule is to avoid checking my phone until I've had my morning beverage, which I'll get to shortly. You have all day to dip into your email, text messages, and Instagram. Give yourself a minimum of 20 tech-free minutes before you start logging your daily screen time so you're not instantly pivoting into answering emails, texts, and messages upon waking.

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