3 Tips That Will Enhance Your Music Career Experience

By Michael Hudgins

Like everyday, I wake up and start my morning making phone calls to businesses, artist or producers regarding Beatbopper and Amada Records services. So I talk to about 20+ artist and producers a day and it never fails how artist/producers continue to discuss so much about their careers that they forget to listen.

( Advice #1 Listening )

Meanwhile artist/producers talk about themselves so much they missed the entire conversation making one not want to work with them. Listening will let Executives know that your serious about your music career therefore giving you more advice and helpful tips.

(Advice #2 Stop Talking About Your Bad Experiences)

So about 60% of artist/producers that I speak with have discussed how they have been taken advantage of, to getting ripped off to saying they get these services free..Most artist/producers are hurt so bad they can’t stop talking about it therefore missing entire conversation. Then you have Executives having to act as if they are Dr Phil in these situations. Artist and producers Keep that to yourself and make sure your only talking about music on all levels.

Advice #3 Get on a Platform

In today’s music industry selling music isn’t like how Kool in the Gang did it?? With the boom of the internet, online businesses and services the game has changed. Platforms like Hush Media Networks, VIP recording along with Beatbopper that makes 90% of online transactions and therefore recreating how to sell music. Whether licensing or distribution deals to radio, blog and magazine advertisement to featuring artist on our celebrity compilation album these platforms are the cornerstone of new ideals for selling and marketing music. As of date, these platforms now work with independent artist and major labels only because we can sell. Last year”s album “Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica” hit billboard charts for 19wks with 4wks at #1 proven the method works.

Just look at Amada Records new artist David Bell. “David is taking advantage of many platforms with Amada Records and we look forward to helping his career grow” states DJ Choice.

In the year 2000 he was awarded most talented in Lake Charles at the Lake Charles Civic Center his free style played on the air on the local artists showcase. He then qualified to enter the "Keys to tha city" tour in Houston Texas. He also performed at Harlem Nights of Houston,Texas and his song qualified to be played at 97.9 "The Box" radio listening party at Sharpstown Mall. David also played 3 years semi-pro football for the Houston Firewalkers and the Texas Wolverines His interests are writing and recording, acting, cooking, and traveling. Currently his single 'Go Getta' has been released digitally. In March 2019, he performed in Austin,TX at the Dragonfly Lounge to open up for Major Artist Boosie Bad Azz.