Serena Williams's Outfit Isn't a Leotard — It's a Badass "Serena-tard," Thank You Very Much

We can always count on Serena Williams to make a damn-good fashion statement while dominating the tennis court, and her first outfit at the Australian Open certainly didn't disappoint. The 37-year-old athlete showed up to her match against Germany's Tatjana Maria — a match she crushed in just 49 minutes, might I add — wearing an emerald bodysuit she designed with Nike.

Her outfit featured white and black stripes and a triangular cutout in the back, and Serena wore it with compression stockings and black Nike sneakers. When asked if her one-piece outfit was a onesie or leotard, the mother of one dubbed it a "Serena-tard" while speaking to journalists during a postmatch press conference. So much yes!

Last year, the backhand-smashing queen was famously banned from wearing a catsuit at the French Open. A few days after the dress code restriction was announced, Serena boldly debuted an outfit featuring a tulle tutu-like skirt at the US Open, causing quite the flurry of passionate responses from fans. Needless to say, Serena's latest French Open look has incited similarly supportive reactions, which you can read ahead after admiring her outfit from all angles. View The Pictures From PopSugar.

Linda J