Trending: Unique and Elegant Men's Rings

Most men get lost in the shuffle when it comes to fashion trends. They don’t know or care what was shown on the latest New York or Paris runways. Unless you’re hanging out with David Beckham, who attended the latest Louis Vuitton show or with Jeremy Renner, who sat front and center at the Calvin Klein show, it isn’t likely you’ve kept up with men’s fashion.

And that’s just garments... when it comes to jewelry, rings specifically, men have not participated. Most bachelors walk around ring-free – hands unadorned. The vast majority of married men sport basic white or yellow gold bands, which are barely stylish. But recently men are coming into their and creating their own individual look, unlike the male clones of yesteryear. Cool rings for all men are on the rise. We will continue to see white and yellow gold bands but inspired by jewelry artisans who understand the need for comfort as well as originality.

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Linda J