Gift guide: 5 time pieces for the watch connoisseur

There’s a reason you do not see many specifically made his-and-hers watches these days: They can be a tad cheesy in their matchy-matchiness, which is why brands tend to market watches with slightly differing designs and of different sizes to couples. This year, however, Patek Philippe has released a pair of watches any cool couple would be proud to wear: aviation-inspired watches with a useful dual-time function, in two sizes – 42mm (Ref. 5524R) and 37.5mm (Ref. 7234R). Featuring warm-brown dials, rose-gold cases and the same automatic movement, this pair of timepieces is the follow-up to Patek Philippe’s controversial – who knew the brand’s history included aviation links? – white-gold pilot’s watch launched in 2015.

This article is originally published on The Peak Singapore.

Linda J