The Jimmy Choo Effect

While artist are trying to figure out how to generate revenue from album sales most companies are coming up with unique ways of selling music. Companies like Amada Records have been at the forefront of creating unique marketing concepts for clients for years. Music marketing giants Beatbopper and Hush Media Networks agree that alternatives for selling music fuels our their businesses. These alternatives give clients the ability to stay ahead of the competition while fueling sales.“We call that the Jimmy Choo Effect” said Dj Choice From Amada Records. “Each time someone ask me about my Jimmy Choo shoes it boost my business.” “It gives my company the opportunity to discuss how to purchase a pair of shoes at a major discount where my company gets a percent.” “ This % is also contingent upon them buying my album.” States Dj choice. Then leading up to opportunities like this..getting an interview with LUXE WEEKLY.. “All bc I wore Jimmy Choo”s shoes” states Dj Choice.

So there is opportunity every minute to discuss your just have to be savvy in your marketing efforts. Our team at Luxe Weekly really would like to think the Beatbopper & Amada records team for their support.

And by the way the shoes look dope Dj Choice & Beatbopper. Staff is really enjoying!! Also Luxe team is listening to a song by Gripbeats & CPF ”Lucious”